The Tsez Annotated Corpus Project

The texts that constitute this corpus were collected by Arsen Kurbanovič Abdulaev and Isa Kurbanovič Abdullaev and published with Russian translation as Abdulaev and Abdullaev (2010). The intended audience of this book publication was primarily the Tsez-speaking community and Russian-speaking readers interested in folklore. Work on the book was sponsored by the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology (MPI-EVA) and part of the agreement was that the institute would be allowed to post on-line a version of the text suitable for scientific use by linguists, with morpheme glosses and an English translation added to the materials available in the book. Work on the glossing of the texts has been carried out by A.K. Abdulaev, André Müller, and Evgeniya Zhivotova. The material is hereby provided for scientific research under the CC-BY license.

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